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Poli Paskova

Poli Paskova is an attractive singer whose unique style and presence make her unique and different. Polly Paskova is one of the best examples of the revival of Bulgarian folklore, by presenting it in a updated attractive way. Her voice is warm, specific, pleasantly caressing, with a unique blend. Poli Paskova has a rich genre repertoire. One of the few singers that affirm their original music based on folklore. Combines house, rock, disco, pop and folk music base with modern arrangements. Poli Paskova also demonstrates an impressive stage presence. Her repertoire has over 250 songs from different ethnographic areas. Her performances are usually accompanied by the dance ensemble "Nashentsi". In February of this year her song with an arrangement by the group "POPCORN" was set in the first place in а world album, and another of their songs "Na sartse mi e legnalo" recently was in the Top 20 of the most visited U.S. websites with paid music.


2000 - "Slantse moe".
2002 - "Nashenska prelest".
2003 - "Polina Paskova".
2004 - "Razlichna".
2004 - DVD "Razlichna".
2006 - "Shtastliva nevesta".
2006 - DVD "Shtastliva nevesta".
2008 - "Kasmet".
2008 - DVD "Kasmet".
2009 - "Mazhka maika".


2003 - "Pirin Folk" - Third Award of the Jury.
2004 - "Pirin Folk" - Third Award of the audience.
2004 - "Skopski filigrani" - Macedonia - First prize for the artist.
2005 - "Pirin Folk" - Third Award of the Jury for the song "Of, shto sum tolku daleko".
2006 - "Pirin Folk" - Third Prize for performing the song "Idi, doidi, Eleno".
2006 - Award of "Planeta TV" to "Trudno se rozhba otglezhda" with Boris Dali.
2008 - 7th annual Music Awards - Folk Album of 2008 - "Kasmet".

Concerts abroad:

USA, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia.


Solo concert in Hall 1 of the National Palace Of Culture.


"Ti zhiveesh v nas", "Raina knyaginya", "Maichini trevogi", "Vremena razdelni", "Zhalba zhalim", "Ti i az", "Na sartse mi e legnalo", "Shar planina", "Milke, dusho", "Idi-doidi, Eleno", "Mazhka maika", "Trudno se rozhba otglezhda", "Idi, doidi, Eleno".

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